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Rabbi Gordon - Noach: 5th Portion

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Ozlem Cetin Ankara,TR December 26, 2021

Thank you Rabbi Yehoshua Gordon of blessed memory. You have helped me learn Torah and I would not have learned any other way except through your amazing teachings. Thank you so very much. Every day when I listen to your classes on Chumash, your sense of humor and deep Knowledge in Tora, changes my life! sincere condolences go out to his family and all the mourners May his neshamah have an Aliyah. Reply

Anonymous Atlanta October 15, 2015

Re: The rainbow I read the passage on the rainbow as a child and whenever I saw a rainbow after that I thought it was caused by the cloud that flooded the earth in Noah's time and it was triggered over something being done on the earth that was very displeasing to G-d. I would stare at that rainbow with a a bit if dread along with gratefulness that G-d keeps His promises.
I shared these thoughts with some of the adults in my life and they thought I was being over-dramatic . Rabbi Gordon is the first person I heard confirm my childhood conclusions that a rainbow in the sky is not an all good sign Reply

Anonymous October 3, 2010

where's the 4th portion of Noach? Reply

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