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Rabbi Gordon - Noach: 3rd Portion

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Rabbi Gordon - Noach: 3rd Portion

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Noach, Parshah

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Ozlem Ankara, TR December 18, 2021

I start to listen daily parasha of Rabbi Gordon. I am ever so grateful for his explanations, his teachings, humor and insights, change my day. He continues to teach me. I thank him, his wife and family and Chabad everyday for allowing me to access his teachings. May his teaching be a blessing forever. Reply

Leah October 13, 2015

Can links to the time line document and illustration of the ark be posted? I think it would be so helpful. Reply

Bea WNY October 1, 2013

Are the charts available here at We give thanks throughout our day for this Chumash study. Your humor is joyous and your knowledge of how to teach Torah shows us your depth of Torah... Hashem is using both to bless us. Where can we get your charts?

Thank you! Reply

Peter Koritschoner London UK October 1, 2013

Wich Chumash are you using for you daily parsha Enjoy your daily parsha Reply

Rabbi Yehoshua B Gordon Encino , CA February 10, 2011

What food did they eat in the ark? Rashi (Breishis 6:18) quotes from the Medrash that G-d entered into a special "covenant" with the foods brought into the ark that they should not decay and rot. In other words, the answer to your question is "a miracle." Reply

malcolm irvine, cal via January 11, 2011

noach portion 3 states that if you give someone food or help they have not earned, you are in fact giving the bread of shame. therefore is giving a person charity or food or getting some governmental program such as food stamps or unemployment money against the torah concept, namely bread of shame? Reply

m stein irvine, cal via January 11, 2011

what food did the 4 couples eat for 40 days? it does not say they stocked up with food. great teachings. Reply

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