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Rabbi Gordon - Bereishit: 2nd Portion

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Rabbi Gordon - Bereishit: 2nd Portion

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Bereishit, Parshah

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Rabbi Yehohsua B Gordon encino, CA November 7, 2011

Scientific developement I tried to give you a link but the system would not allow it: Please google;
"The Lubavitcher Rebbe letter on evolution." Reply

Anonymous Hayes, VA/USA November 2, 2011

Scientific Developement You mentioned Scientific Development...Bearing in mind that I do believe that Adam was created by Hashem, I'd like to hear your opinion on scientific dating of ancient human skeletal remains which they date well over 6000 years. How is this reconciled with Adam having been created only 6000 years ago as the first human? Reply

Rabbi yehoshua B Gordon Encino , Ca July 27, 2011

Answer to - Breishit 2nd portion I meant... "after 120 (years... a person) returns to (the) earth (upon death)..

May we all have long life.... Reply

Anonymous Silverton, OR July 26, 2011

Beieishit 2nd Portion In the 15th minute of lesson, when talking of rain, "after 120 returns to earth" was referenced. What are these 120 returns? Reply

Rabbi Yehoshua B Gordon Encino, CA January 7, 2011

Does an animal have a soul? Yes, every creature created by G-d, even the vegetable and inanimate world has souls. However, they are souls of a lesser caliber. The Hebrew word would be "Nefesh" or "Mazal" rather than Neshomah. Reply

malcolm irvine, ca via January 6, 2011

does a animal have a soul? Reply

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