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Igeret HaKodesh: Epistle 18 - Part 1

Elul 27

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Pat md January 16, 2013

hgher level Great question. R. Gordon said before that a tsadiq is capable of the higher love because he nullifies his ego completely, so that there are no layers of insulation between him and Gd. I think I remember a saying that Gd created man to provide a purpose for Torah; the angels don't need it because they have no will but that of Gd. The tsadik is somewhat like an angel; he would never think to say "I" am tired so I won't study Torah now, "I" don't feel well so I won't fast even though it's Yom Kippur.

Could a benoni be so extremely fearful as to cast aside his own ego so as to obtain the gift of the higher love from Gd? What would make you that fearful? If you say it's punishment, that's a function of ego; "I" don't want to be punished.

I thought today R. Gordon was saying that a tsadik is born with the gift of the higher love like a kohen or a levi is born that way. A benoni is not born with it. I don't know how he would acquire it but I haven't listened to part 2 yet Reply

Dovid Hoch los Angeles, Ca September 14, 2012

Higher level of love Why does the Alter Rebbe say that you can't do anything to acquire the higher level of love?
He clearly states that once you acquire fear the love will follow. So one can do something to acquire the higher level of love. Namely acquire fear. Reply

Kayo Tokyo, Japan September 5, 2010

From my experience, "a man pursues a woman" is the natural way. Nothing has to do with so called "old fashion". Reply

Bev Johannesburg, South Africa September 18, 2009

Shanah Tovah Dear Rabbi Gordon and Chabad of Tarzana,
I am so grateful to have found your shiur on line. It has helped me an enormous amount to return to the beauty of Torah and the close learning of Tanya especially during Elul.I wish you and your family and Klal Yisrael a Ktivah and Chatimah tovah - may you be inscribed and sealed for a good year. Reply

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