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Rabbi Gordon - Ki Teitzei: 5th Portion

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Silvana UK August 28, 2020

Rabbi Gordon you are deeply missed, what a great teacher!!

I want to say that here in the UK since ancient times it was mandatory for landowners to give way or create a path (usually known as footpath) through their fields. These paths can be found even today. I would imagine people could eat as they were passing through. What's more in the story of Ruth we see her collecting grain that the workers leave on Boaz field. Apparently poor people used to do this. Boaz advices Ruth to collect grain "only in this field"...which implies that you could do it on any field. Reply

Anonymous Italy September 4, 2014

Good joke! That joke was actually quite good. I don't smile at any joke but knowing the Jewish law on marrying the widow of the deceased brother, I somehow did at the thought of it. You're funny! Reply

arkady b. REGO PARK, New York August 30, 2012

rabbinic law of only one wife Dear Rabbi Gordon, thank you as always for your pleasant shiurim may G-d Bless you with long life so you can continue to teach and spread your knowledge of Torah. If I may I would like to ask you to clarify something you mentioned in one of your earlier shiurim on judges/prophets. You explained how no prophet can ever cancel a mitzvah and say do not put on tefillin for example. Since marriage is a mitzvah and a central one based on this shiur, how is it that a Rabbi who was not even a prophet nor a court made a decision that jewish men can only have one wife at a time. This in a way cancels or limits the mitzvah of marriage since a man could have had 4 marriages each being a mitzvah and much more children hence many more mitzvah's. Thank you for any clarification. Reply