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Daily Classes With Rabbi Gordon

Study the daily Chumash with Rashi, Tanya and Rambam with master teacher Rabbi Yehoshua B. Gordon.

Igeret HaKodesh: Epistle 10 - Part 1

Elul 1

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JJ London August 11, 2010

Thanks Thank you.

I used to learn Tanya and then got out of it for a while.

I appreciate your classes and I am endeavouring to learn every morning before davening, bli neder. I find my davening is different afterwards; I actually think about the words and I say them better, ka'h. Reply

BevPrice Johannesburg, South Africa August 24, 2009

Thank you Hello, I apologise for the chutzpah - but I am grateful too. Kol tuv. Reply

Rabbi Gordon encino August 24, 2009

Rabbi Gordon Thank you. I will G-d willing return tomorrow (Monday). Reply

Ms. Bev Price August 23, 2009

where is the real Rabbi Gordon Do you have a 'Rabbi Gordons R Us' there in Tarzana? today's teacher seemed to have gotten on a horse from Horses are us. Is the Real Rabbi Gordon OK? Reply

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