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Rabbi Gordon - Shoftim: 6th Portion

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Aharon Faiman New Hempstead August 18, 2020

When learning beginning of aliya 6 about moving boundaries of one's neighbor: I’m surprised R. Gordon, z’l, didn’t say the story about the man who had a small, humble shoe store in the city. Along came another and built a huge, modern multiple floors shoe store to his left. And another came and built a huge, modern multiple floors shoe store to his right. The man went to his rav (perhaps it was Reb Gordon!) and asked what to do. The rav told him to put a big sign on the top of his store saying, “Main Entrance”. As our cherished R. Gordon would say, ‘just a joke’. Reply

Robert Roseboro Tulsa August 17, 2018

My daily breakfast. Reply

Srulik Pinson via August 21, 2020
in response to Robert Roseboro:

And its my lunch. Reply

Kj Allen Texas September 9, 2016

Wonderful teaching on this and other portions that is needed to be heard on our shores and beyond!🌞 Reply

Dr. Derrick Whitt August 14, 2010

Outstanding! This is the only word to describe Rabbi Gordon's approach in teaching Parasha and pleasant personality. Reply