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Igeret HaKodesh: Epistle 7 - Part 2

Av 22

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A _ August 3, 2018

If Adam would have not sinned does that mean the only race in the world would be Jews? Because Rabbi Gordon said that he would have became the first Jew. Reply

Rabbi Mendel Adelman August 8, 2018
in response to A :

Hello A,

In a sense, if Adam would have sinned, then everyone would have been Jewish. However, not in the sense in which we use it today. Nowadays, Jewishness is a religion and a nation. That is because a specific nation was chosen by G-d for a covenant.

If Adam would not have sinned, that covenant would have been with him, and all who followed in his footsteps would also have been Jews. Jewishness would only be a religion, not also a nation.

Similarly, Abraham is considered the first Jew, even though he predated the Giving of the Torah. His Jewishness was a product of his covenant with G-d, making him a Jew by dint of his religion, not his race.

I would suggest checking out our article on the Jewish status of those who lived before mount Sinai. Reply

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