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Igeret HaKodesh: Epistle 4 - Part 4

Av 12

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Srulik Pinson August 2, 2020

What can money help, if there is no economy? What can they buy? Reply

malcolm irvine via chabadofthevalley.com July 28, 2015

love of god.one In my opinion the reason why there are so many divorces today is because there is not an essence love but more a learned love. For example 'what can you do for me'. One has to have the same love for their wife that they have for God and their kids. Nothing is too big a sacrifice for their wife, unconditional love. Reply

Norm B Williamsburg, NM via chabadlc.org July 19, 2013

kabbalah gentile studying Can a gentile studying Kabbalah reach the level of atzilut?
Also are their or have their been any non- Jewish "righteous ones" or great Kabbalists?

Thank you Reply

Anonymous Doesn't matter July 24, 2018
in response to Norm B :

There are definitely righteous non-jews, but it's not a non-jews job to try to do something which they were never born to do. You can try though, I don't guarantee success, but it's possible. Reply

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