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Igeret HaKodesh: Epistle 1 - Part 3

Av 5

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Julie July 21, 2015

prayer in 45 minutes Rabbi Gordon,

Are you saying that 80 pages could/should be recited within 45 minutes??? This seems impossible to mindfully recite all the pages for morning in that amount of time. How does a Chassid accomplish this? Reply

Chaim Vogel Montreal July 26, 2020
in response to Julie:

He refers to a Minyan which begins at Hodu and goes till Aleinu which would be a total of about 40 pages [excluding the prayers we don't say each and every day], which can certainly be done, especially one who has done so almost every day of his life, the words are quite familiar, and taking 45 minutes to say those words would mean that he probably is saying them mindfully. I heard that the Rebbe reduced it to an hour, but perhaps he was including the introductory prayers from Hareini and korbanos. Reply

Julie Pennsylvania July 29, 2020
in response to Chaim Vogel:

Chaim Vogel,
Thank you for taking the time to answer my question. I was very new to the Siddur when I posted that question. I still find it hard to believe that Rabbi Gordon OBM is gone from us. He had such an impact on my life!! I continue to learn from him through the blessing of his recorded lessons. Reply

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