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Igeret HaTeshuvah: Chapter 1 - Part 2

Tammuz 8

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Pat November 29, 2012

cutting off souls In my understanding according to chapter 1 mishnah 1 of Tractate Kerisus, this happens when somebody transgresses any of 36 negative commandments but isn't liable to death by the rabbinical court. This can only happen if the transgression was witnessed by people eligible to testify before the bet din about that transgression, and the qualifications are in Makkot. If that can't happen, Gd will perform keritut, which is killing off all one's descendants before the transgressor himself dies.
AFAIK that has nothing to do with resurrection. Reply

Pat November 29, 2012

Fasting on Yom Kippur is part of "afflicting your soul" in Leviticus 16:29? Reply

Anonymous Los Angeles, CA June 28, 2012

Will those souls who were cut off by Hashem be resurrected during techiat hametim, the resurrection of the dead? Reply

Shmuel Brooklyn, NY July 17, 2011

Fasting is not a mean of doing Tshuvah????? If fasting is not a main component of Tshuvah,
How come we have to fast during Yom Kippur, which is one of the most holy day of our calendar? Reply

Nobody N June 21, 2018
in response to Shmuel:

That's not the main form of Teshuva, it's one of them. Reply

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