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Rambam: Shechenim, Chapter 1

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David Levant Emerson,NJ June 9, 2014

The Junkyard Two partners decide to abandon the partnership for the liability of the contaminated land grossly exceeds the value. One is basically poor, while the other has made a life for himself elsewhere. The land cannot be divided for it is toxic, and must be reclaimed. Rental income is generated from this property, but it can be condemned at a moments notice. The poor man depends on the rental property to survive, while the latter does not desire it. and in the past received a portion of the rent as income. The land cannot be brought or sold for it is contaminated. Recently the poor man who manages the property took the rental income for himself because the other man had no stake in the operations of the company for a decade, and refused to invest any time or money to maintain the land. Also, who would inherit the family name of the property, for it cannot be divided? This is quite an issue, and would appreciate a response according to Jewish Law. Shalom, David. Reply