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Rambam: Issurei Biah, Chapter 20

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Ariah Murkoff Orlando Fl July 1, 2018

Chapter 20:13 Didn’t we learn before, that there is a Halachic principal that the mouth that prohibits is the same mouth that permits so how is he believed to disqualify himself but not believed when he includes himself? Reply

Rabbi Mendel Adelman July 1, 2018
in response to Ariah Murkoff :

Great question!

The Maggid Mishne explains that when he says that he is a kohen, it is considered as if he is taking a vow, forbidding himself from all things that a kohen cannot do.

So, it is not that we are believing him that he is a kohen in regards to those things, but that we consider it like a separate vow. Reply

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