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Daily Classes With Rabbi Gordon

Study the daily Chumash with Rashi, Tanya and Rambam with master teacher Rabbi Yehoshua B. Gordon.

Rambam: Listing of Mitzvot Part 3

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Diane Fertig July 21, 2020

If someone has a Moment, please help me figure out how far behind in RamBam I am. This is my first time trying on 3 chapter's a day. I only was able to do first 3. Thanks
Blessings for helping me. 💖🙏 Reply

Chabad.org Staff July 24, 2020
in response to Diane Fertig:

It's wonderful that you're studying Rambam! The new cycle started on July 9 you can navigate to the previous classes by clicking on the arrows. Reply

Diane Fertig July 26, 2020
in response to Chabad.org Staff:

Thanks so much for your encouragement and help!
I'm taking my time to learn each lesson and not rush through!
Will catch up with G-ds help and blessings to y'all good Souls at Chabad and JNET.
Is it true a Teacher/Churusa can still help us learn, even if they left their earthly body?
Thanks so much for your wisdom and time! Zei Gezunt as she taught me 💖 Reply

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