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Rabbi Gordon - Vayeitzei: 7th Portion

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Steven Katz Daytona Beach FL November 29, 2014

Jacob's life in treachery i am confused by the fact that Jacob is involved in so much deceipt. In events with Esau, Rivkah, Issach, and Laban. Yet HaShem continually ends up supporting a positive outcome for Jacob.
So how do we know when to act deceiptfully to attain what we believe to be in Hadhems plans for us in our life?
Shimeon Mayer Ben Avram Katz
Daytona Beach FL
( see you in Ormond Beach soon, Baruch HaShem ) Reply

Braun Ilan Le TOUR du PARC November 24, 2012

parashat Vayeitzei Dear Rabbi Gordon, Thank you so much for your wonderful and humorous teachings. Please can you tell us if the tradition says anything about Rachel's age when she met first Yaakov?
Yours respectfully,
Ilan Reply