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Rabbi Gordon - Noach: 7th Portion

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Anonymous Toronto October 15, 2018

You mentioned that Ba'al haturim explains that the gematria of Safah Achat and Lashon Hakodesh have the same gematria. I thought that was extremely cool so I calculated it.
However, I found that Safah Achat is 794 and Lashon Hakodesh is 801. Am I not correct? Please explain if I made a mistake in my calculation. Reply

Rabbi Mendel Adelman October 17, 2018
in response to Anonymous:

The Ba'al Haturim does indeed say that.

The calculation is as follows:

Lammed- 30
Shin- 300
Vav- 6
Nun- 50

Hey- 5
Kuf-100 (written chasser, missing a vav)
Daled- 4
Shin- 300

Total= 795

Safah Achat is 794, plus the value of the word itself, (add the kollel, which is 1) and you get 795. Reply

Rabbi Yehoshua B Gordon encino, CA October 31, 2011

Triplets As I read it, they were not born at the same time. They were born in sequence, over several years, all from (probably) the same mother. Reply

Ole Mads Ben Noah Bergen October 30, 2011

Triplets? "When Tarah had lived seventy years, he begot Abram, Nahor, and Haran."

Were these children triplets (or did they have different mothers)? If triplets, what is the significance of that? Who was Abrahams mother and what happened with Nahor?

Thanks for your lectures! A true blessing, indeed. Reply

Rabbi Yehoshua B Gordon Encino, CA October 30, 2011

Avram in the Fire I misspoke when I said that. I meant to say Nimrod. Thank you! Reply

Alex Ray Rochester, NY October 30, 2011

Response to "Avram in the fire." Rabbi Gordon was implying, I think, that Terach was a very influential man in Ur Chasdim. Nimrod was the king and had the final say in the matter, but Terach was the one who handed Avram over to him, and because of his wealth and influence was able to get a quick conviction. Reply

Rich Levin Rochester, New York via chabadrochester.com October 29, 2011

Avram in the fire At about 24 minutes and 16 seconds Rabbi Gordon describes Terach as the judge and the jury and that he put Avram into the fire. Every other source I have looked at interprets this as Nimrod putting Avram into the fire. Please help. What is the source of the interpretation that the "he" in "he threw in him into the fire" is Terach.
It seems to me in my humble opinion that there is a great difference whether Avram's father or Nimrod did this. Thank you. Reply

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