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Iggeret HaKodesh, Epistle 23 - Part 3

19th day of Tishrei

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Anonymous Hollywood October 13, 2014

minyan definition First, chag sameach and thank you for posting these. I have wanted to study Tanya for a long time now (several years) and being female it is difficult to find a chavrusah. I am enjoying this series very much. Yashar koach. And you have a nice tie collection.

I didn't hear anything about the minyan having to be made up of 10 men. You kept saying 10 Jews. I'm a Jew, why am I not counted in a minyan? I know women are not obligated by time-bound mitzvot and that's why we are not counted but how much more so should it be a zchut to pray or study in a group where people come from free will and desire over obligation. To me it seems like a much higher energy. You need to be here, I WANT to be here! It comes from a love of G-d rather than a fear of Him. Which is what I believe He really wants. Reply

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