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Rabbi Gordon - Bechukotai: 2nd Portion

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Louie May 10, 2020

Take it to the context of mitzvahs. Doing mitzvahs is not linear in their power, but are exponential. The more mitzvahs we do, good is brought into the world exponentially.

One day we will have brought enough to merit the coming of Moshiach Reply

Gary Europe May 12, 2016

Video Terrenza,

Can you share the link of the video?

Gary Reply

Terrenza Texas, USA July 5, 2015

Just had to pause this lesson to find the video you referenced. Wow! I wept and my spirit cried out loud at the tremendous faith of the Rebbe. That we may all have such faith in the troubled days ahead! Am sharing link to the video with others. Baruch HaShem!! Reply

Baruch Russia June 2, 2019
in response to Terrenza:

Terrenza, it would benefit many people if you can share link to this speech of the Rebbe. Reply

Terrenza Pineland June 3, 2019
in response to Terrenza:

Here is the link (remove the spaces): chabad. org /multimedia /media _cdo /aid /397220 /jewish /The-Six-Day-War-and-Tefillin. h t m. Sorry it took so long to respond! Reply

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