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Study the daily Chumash with Rashi, Tanya and Rambam with master teacher Rabbi Yehoshua B. Gordon.

Rabbi Gordon - Balak: 5th Portion

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Anonymous _____ June 28, 2018

If G-d doesn't change His mind then what do we accomplish with Teshuva? Reply

Phyllis Pollack LA July 6, 2017

Incredible info! Reply

Stuart Benson San Antonio July 3, 2014

Reading What are the two books Rabbi is reading from? I am a new Torah observant gentile and would like to be able to follow along.

Shalom Reply

_ _ June 28, 2018
in response to Stuart Benson:

Tanya and Rambam Reply

Chabad.org Staff June 28, 2018
in response to Stuart Benson:

Rabbi Gordon used: The Pentateuch and Rashis Commentary, A Linear Translation, Published by S S & R Publishing Co., Brooklyn, NY - and the Hebrew English Tanya. Reply

shuli kleinman July 2, 2014

how was Balak a descendant from Lot and also Yitro? was he from both moav and midian? do you know the lineage? Reply

Rabbi Yehoshua B Gordon Encino , CA August 16, 2011

Ballam's age Your question is an excellent one. I believe the answer is that according to the opinion that he was an advisor in Pharoh's court, he was indeed much older when he died. I believe that one opinion does preclude the other. Not uncommon in Torah. Thank you. Reply

Aaron Propp Missoula, MT July 10, 2011

Balaam's Age If Balaam (Bilaam) the wicked one was one of those who offered advice to Pharaoh (Sotah11a), helping him "Act wisely concerning it" (Ex.1.10), how could he have been 33 or 34 when he died?

Balaam the wicked's advice created the cicumstances in which Moshe Rabbeinu was born into. If everything from Numbers 20.1 and on records the events of the last year in the Wilderness, as the commentaries teach, shouldn't Balaam the wicked have been older than Moshe Rabbeinu? Reply

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