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Rabbi Gordon - Chukat: 2nd Portion

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Yentl R. June 18, 2018

What about jewish doctors who are exposed to death on a daily basis? Are they
generally impure? Reply

my name faina zelyakovskaya June 22, 2015

what is spiritually unpure Reply

Shmuel Brooklyn June 26, 2017
in response to my name faina zelyakovskaya:

Parshat chukat question Hello Faina! I see you asked what is spiritual impurity back in 2015. I don't know if you've gotten your answer, but here's mine. Anything connected with death is unclean, because in death G-ds' Presence becomes hidden. It's a subtle thing. It doesn't mean dirty or poisonous, just no longer filled with Hashem's spirit. So when a woman gives birth or has her period, her spiritual energy level goes down and she has to be alone for a while and then bathe in a mikvah. When a person cuts their hair or fingernails they need to wash their hands. That's my short answer. hope it was helpful. Reply

Mike W. Phoenix, Arizona June 28, 2011

Good Joke My father, OBM, used to tell the same joke. Everyone liked it. He used to make a lot of people laugh with his jokes. People still talk about his jokes and say they miss them and him. He's been gone for 11 years now. Enjoyed your class. Thanks a lot and Hashem should continually bless you. Reply

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