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Rabbi Gordon - Shelach: 4th Portion

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Yechiel nyc June 17, 2020

In the Gemorrah there is a case where a gentile slave was made free so he could complete a minyan. true, he had been circumcised already, but who is to say that he was a strict shomer shabbos. so much for anonymous' opinion. Reply

Anonymous June 29, 2016

There are opinions that allow for leniency concerning counting someone who is non-shomer Shabbos in a minyan. Reply

Anonymous San Diego June 12, 2014

Actually that is incorrect regarding the 10 for a minyan The halacha says that someone who is מחלל שבת can not be included in the 10 for a minyan. The can be the 11th and on. Someone who violates the Shabbat is considered worse then a murderer because in the 10 Commandments, Shabbat is higher up in the order then murder. Reply

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