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Rabbi Gordon - Bamidbar: 5th Portion

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Rena Tzfat June 2, 2016

I wonder about the contradiction contained in this portion On the one hand, Levites are only counted from the age of one month - only when proven viable [which I think holds true even in our day and age, despite all attempts of modern medicine] and yet Yocheved was included in a census when less than a day old?
Thank you for your consideration. Reply

Simcha Bart for Chabad.org Los Angeles May 25, 2016

That is correct, Judaism does not contend that birth begins at conception. The reason why abortion is forbidden is because one is destroying is a potential life. Please see here for how Judaism views the unborn fetus. Reply

Gary Europe May 19, 2016

Well, not being viable until one month old is interesting versus the birth begins at conception argument. And the Torah is for all time, correct??? Reply

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