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Rabbi Gordon - Emor: 3rd Portion

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Anonymous May 4, 2020

I wonder if the cohen marrying young is to show he's not blemished, thinking normally a child will follow a marrage shortly. Reply

Terrenza Texas, USA July 3, 2015

Neutering vs castration It seems to me that castration refers to male animals only and may fall under the Noahide prohibition of cruelty to animals. It deforms the creature and is a painful process. On the other hand, spaying and neutering is a medical procedure with anesthesia, etc. The sages may not have known about surgical sterilization, thus deduced the reason for the prohibition as having to do with multiplying/fruitfulness only. HaShem is clear about male organs/testicles, whether on an animal to be sacrificed, a cohen in service, or even a woman who damages a male in that way during a physical altercation. Just some thoughts about this issue. :) Reply

Rabbi Yehoshua Gordon Encino CA April 29, 2014

Neutering an animal Good question. Not a simple issue in Jewish law. There is much discussion among halachik codifiers and it's a big problem. Reply

Abraham Hope Manchester UK April 29, 2014

What about neutering your cat as is quite normal in these days? is it allowed by a Jew? Reply

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