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Tanya: Chapter 46 - Part 4

Iyar 12

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Anonymous flushing, New York May 4, 2012

Tanya: Chapter 46 - Part 4 Possibly I misunderstood, but I believe you said that every Jew is held accountable to keeping the mitzvot on the same level, whether they are tzadikim or a simple Jew. How about those who due to their lower level are not aware of the particular mitzvah, or dontt fully comprehend the averah they are doing? How can they be held as accountable as a tzadik. As a bal Tshuva who is constantly struggling to move forward I have constantly learned that each person has their struggles and to the extend that they work hard to push forward so is there reward. So how can someone be held accountable or punished for something they dont fully comprehend or cant fully take on yet? How does this fit in with a Bal Tshuvah who's constantly learning new halachot & not yet able to take them on? How are Bal Tshuvas taught that every bit counts & that Hashem judges us favorably when at the same time the Torah also states the consequences of transgressing a mitzvah?
Thank You Shabbat Shalom Reply

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