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Tanya: Chapter 43 - Part 3

Iyar 1

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Eliezer Zalmanov for Chabad.org April 26, 2015

Re: Questions Love and fear of G-d do not necessarily depend on one another, but they are both vital to properly perform G-d's will. However, even if one is not able to fulfill either perfectly, he or she should strive to do it as best as possible, and hope for continued improvement over time. Reply

Barbara Ellison WISTER April 20, 2015

Questions A very thought provoking lesson..Thank you..
I am uncertain on one thing..Is it normal to truly love G-d and to do good (tho not reaching perfection of course) and then gain true fear of G-d much later in life?
Another semi related question..Does true higher fear and love of G-d end desire/need for true partnership with another human such as Catholic Priests and Nuns do? Is it supposed to? Reply

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