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Tanya: Chapter 43 - Part 2

Nissan 30

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Anonymous April 25, 2020

Talents Shabbat shalom, how do we know what we are good for in life ? Knowing without a doubt what are you good for, cause some of the people who build the Mishkan the Torah said that the knowledge of G-d was in them and all understanding in all kind of art and crafting.

Does this recommendation applys to this question also ? What are you good for without a doubt? Cause sometimes I figure this or that and I think that I could be good but later on passes away. How can we know for sure.

Thank you. Reply

Simcha Bart for July 28, 2020
in response to Anonymous:

Since everything is by Divine Providence - if you see that you are drawn to a certain profession or have a certain talent, one can assume that G-d wants you to use that talent in a good and productive manner. Reply

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