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Tanya: Chapter 39 - Part 2

Nissan 8

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YHONason Daneel ben Avrohom Avienu Ma March 19, 2013

Soul 1. Can a soul tortured and agreed to convert transmigrate to a goi?

2. If a Jew who davens in Hebrew but doesn't understand Hebrew words, does his soul understand the Hebrew words that he is davening? Reply

Pat October 17, 2012

interesting point I had thought that intellect was what helped the mind control the heart and that's why intellect connects with the Neshamah. I thought that the Rebbe distinguished between Torah-knowledge_ and worldly-knowledge_ and that the intellect was responsible for subordinating worldly knowledge in service to Torah knowledge. As for the scholars and philosophers who believe that their worldly knowledge is the highest thing that can be, as humans they don't have perfect knowledge so it's an unfounded claim. It's also unfounded unless they have studied Torah, Talmud, and so on and even then, their conclusions can be based on prejudice and fallacies. That's my two zuz worth. Reply

Anonymous Palatine, IL March 31, 2012

question about Tanya
3/31/2012 Regarding today’s Tanya class.
When you speak of the higher level of the soul, Nashamah understanding G-liness in relation to Kavanah; you say that through intellect is the highest connection. Surely you are speaking of a spiritual intellect and not necessarily of a worldly intellect. Unfortunately there are a lot of intellectuals and worldly scholars who have the intelligence but have no Wisdom or desire in the things of G-d or ascending into his presence. What are your thoughts?
M Goldstein Reply

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