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Tanya: Chapter 38 - Part 2

Nissan 3

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Anonymous March 14, 2013

today's tanya I understood from your your words that a rock or plant also have a nefesh,a soul however learning the words inside seem to say that only living things have a soul and these other creations have g-dly energy without its own soul, please advise Reply

Anonymous Scottsdale, AZ USA March 14, 2013

Agree with Costa Mesa Gentile This entire website is such a blessing,so many truthful answers ( or #9's as we learned yesterday) for my thirsty soul. I've no idea of the sacrifice Rabbi Gordon makes each and every day to bring us Daily Chumash and Daily Tanya but thank you and your team that shows up with you everyday! - these lessons are amazing and wonderful, Thank You Rabbi Gordon and Thank You Chabad and most of all Thank You HaShem! Reply

Anonymous Costa Mesa, Ca./USA August 13, 2011

Tanya Lessons and a gentile? Thank you Rabbi Gordon for your passion to teach, even this gentile. I began sobriety 6 years ago after a lifetime of using money and the things of this world wrongly and egotistically. At 50 years old I decided to find out who G-d is and why so much pain and misery exists. I began with heavy christian teachings and still the answers appeared to me lame. I started a conversation with Rabbi Tuvia Bolton in Israel. This beautiful man answered all of my questions, no matter how lame, and showed me a kindness that broke my egotistic, know it all, shell. I eventually hit a wall again with my studies. I felt the Jews had all the right answers, but gentiles like me are considered outsiders. The Rabbi Tuvia Bolton sensed my frustration to learn what the Jews learn and recommended the Tanya. I tried reading and understanding the Tanya on my own. I did not want to take too much time of the good Rabbi, as he is Dean of a Yeshiva. I found your lessons on line and it is exactly what G-d wants 4 me. Reply

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