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Study the daily Chumash with Rashi, Tanya and Rambam with master teacher Rabbi Yehoshua B. Gordon.

Rabbi Gordon - Tazria-Metzora: 2nd Portion

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Mendy PA April 24, 2017

Do we have Tzaraas nowadays? Reply

Simcha Bart for Chabad.org April 27, 2017
in response to Mendy:

We are taught, and Rabbi Gordon mentions this as well, that Tzaraat is a spiritual malady. Based on this Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi explains in Likutei Torah that this is not found these days.


Mr. Aaron Propp April 25, 2012

Miriam's Tzaraas did Miriam have to shave her hair after her 7 days of Tzaraas? Reply

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