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Tanya: Chapter 37 - Part 4

Adar 26

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Robert Leckie March 9, 2013

Tanya, Chapter 37, Part 4 Rabbi Gordon,

Although I am not Jewish, your teachings (I follow your videos daily) strike chords in my heart and fill voids in my mind that have existed for decades. This particular lesson was outstanding. Thank you and blessings upon you, your family and your work. Reply

Pat usa October 15, 2012

this is why I read non-Jewish literature as well as Jewish. I've been rereading Plato: he had no reason for souls to be embodied, all he did was despise people who didn't study philosophy so that their souls could appreciate "the Forms" when they died. I've learned a little about zen Buddhism, which is supposed to make you one with the Infinite while you're alive -- by doing nothing but contemplation. How different from Tanya which puts value in this world not by concentrating on material things but by concentrating on how we use those things to illuminate the world. Reply

Dovid Brooklyn, NY March 20, 2012

Story There's nothing like an inspiring story to compliment the learning of Tanya.

Thanks so much for the inspiration. Reply

Artie Samuel Dobbs Ferry, NY March 20, 2012

Today's Tanya ch. 37 part 4 For me, the most inspiring part of your clear and as usual passionate explanation, was when you said how you were in a rush....and yet found time in your busy schedule to put tefillin on with this young Russion Jew. Why inspiring? Because it drove home the point that Hashem SPECIFICALLY placed you and him togeher at that moment in time and in that place to do what needed to be done. And you were no longer in a "rush" because the Master of Time determines how we should use out that time! Thank you for that aside. Reply