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Rabbi Gordon - Ki Tisa: 6th Portion

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Sérgio Almeida (David) Oeiras - Portugal March 13, 2020

Thanks! Better than this is impossible! Reply

Eliezer Zalmanov for February 28, 2016

To Branden and Gary This topic is addressed here. Reply

Gary Drake Europe February 26, 2016

Milk and Mean Brandon from Minnesota asks an interesting question. Is there anyone at to offer a response? Reply

Brandon Cannon Falls, MN March 9, 2012

cheese burgers "Do not cook a kid in its mother's milk."

shouldn't this be interpreted literal as boiling meat with milk, only ; to say any thing else would be adding to the torah command of Ha Shem's Word.

milk in its raw form is different when it is transformed into curd and i would say that it no longer is milk and so eating cheese with meat is not a violation of Torah.

In Genesis 18:7-8 we See Our Father Abraham serving milk with a calf (kid) if Abraham thought it would be a offensive thing to Ha Shem He would have never served a milk product with meat?

so how do we rconcile this ?


David Gerry Lees Summit, MO February 16, 2011

No holidays for Athiests There is a holidy for those who don't believe in G-d, it is April fools day!

Only fools believe there is no G-d! Reply