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Tanya: Chapter 35 - Part 3

Adar 18

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Pat usa October 12, 2012

revelation joseph's question made me listen very carefully and think very hard about this lecture. listening to chapter 35 so far, I have been thinking that the purpose of mitsvos was to connect our soul to the aybishter via our body, an upward direction, not to get a downward reaction of revelation. I thought the downward revelation took place at Mt. Sinai of the deeds (oil) that wick through our body to carry our soul upwards and there's no need of another downward revelation. The revelation R. Gordon seems to be talking about AFAICT is not downward but outward as ego nullification pushes back the layers of insulation hiding the godly soul in us. Reply

joseph wilkes-barre, Pennsylvania March 12, 2012

Hi rabbi, you said that in order to make room for G-d to dwell in you, you need to do mitzvos. What about someone who doesn't do mitzvos, can he get a revelation from above?(hisarusa deleayla) Reply

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