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Rabbi Gordon - Ki Tisa: 5th Portion

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Duke Florida March 12, 2020

Isn't Rabbi Gordon deceased. If I remember the Rabbi Gordon I knew was the head of Chabad in Encino, CA and passed away a few years past. He was a learned man and a scholar and always willing to share his knowledge and thoughts with the community. A strong and powerful leader who promoted Judaism as well as understanding and consideration in our nation. Rest in peace Rabbi Gordon. Reply

Terry Broomall, PA March 5, 2015

Stiff-necked So, Rabbi, did God choose us because we were stiff necked, or did he cause us to become this way, or was the slavery in Egypt necessary to anneal this attribute into the character of the Children of Israel? Reply

Frederick Edelstein Gaithersburg March 12, 2020
in response to Terry:

Stiffnecked is Only a Symptom. There is a Cure. Terry, God is our healer and we need Him. It is appropriate that a doctor causes one to acknowledge his sickness, and indeed God considers stiff-necked an outstanding symptom. One cannot heal a symptom by treating it, but rather the cause of the symptom. The cause is the rejection of Him. The cure is to love God as He does love us, and has proven His love to us. Here's a quote from Fiddler on the Roof: "Now listen, Tzeitel! If God lived on earth, people would break his windows." Reply

charlie February 11, 2014

Sapphires Since Moshe found sapphires on Mount Sinai, has anyone else dug and explored there? I would think they would've, yet I never heard of it. lol. Reply

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