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Rabbi Gordon - Ki Tisa: 2nd Portion

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Peter Smith Oregon February 24, 2016

Torah Observant "Strangers" Too ! I'm watching this 17 days after Rabbi Gordon's passing. Many of those watching are, oddly enough, are not Jewish, just Torah observant "strangers" who also tune in and learn. We miss you. "So take tow tablets and call me in the morning." Reply

Mordechai March 9, 2015

Aaron Why did Aaron not understand that 40 days mean Moon to Moon, so he could calm the people down. That the time was not over until the next day? Reply

Notable Huntington WV. February 10, 2014

2nd portion Ki Tisa I have always found this portion troubling. perhaps that is as it should be. My question is about the commentary. There is several place were the actions of satan are described. It is not clean to me if we are talking about the advisory a servant, or an independent agent Reply

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