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Tanya: Chapter 33 - Part 1

Adar 11

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Anonymous April 18, 2015

approaching Ha Shem would be the equal to approaching any natural energy source. Every half distance the power is squared. If I started a mile away and got a half mile closer, his power would be squared...and so applies if I were a millimeter away and travelled a half millimeter closer his power would be squared. When I finally become one with Ha Shem I would know creation squared, before the universe ever was. Before the foundation of the cosmos. Of course this implies a mystery of how one born in and of time could know that which is before time was ever made. Reply

Jorge Sao Paulo, Brazil March 2, 2015

Imanent and One! I always believe that G'd is (in) everything.
Amazing portion! Thank you so much Rabbi Gordon!
Chabad content is helping a lot me and my wife in our conversion process. Reply

Zeesy Deren Cape Town September 10, 2013

Love it! Thanks Rabbi Gordon. I'm using your classes for teaching teens in Cape Town. Reply

Rabbi Yehoshua B Gordon Encino , CA March 14, 2011

Alter Rebbe's advice on dealing with physicality Your question is of course a very good one. I believe that the Torah dictates that the ideal state of humanity is for a person to eat healthy foods only when he needs to, in modest amounts, without failing the trials and tribulations which come along with eating, i.e., gluttony, overeating, eating for pleasure etc. The same (and more) applies to all other bodily pleasures.

What we must despise within ourselves is the natural inclination for allowing these bodily pursuits to spin out of control and to take control of us.

A true Tzaddik is in full control, always. A Benoni struggles to some extent, always, and a Rasha loses the battle to some extent depending upon the extent his negativity has overtaken him... Reply

Avrohom Litvin louisville, ky March 10, 2011

Alter Rebbe's advice on dealing with physicality in recent chapters we seem to have said we should despise our bodies etc (and possibly even phyciality in general) - is this not a contradiction to using physicaliity in the service of Hashem?
Is there a time we should seperate from physicality and another time we should embrace physicality and use it for a purpose of holiness?
I got asked this question and struggled with proper way to answer it Reply

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