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Rabbi Gordon - Yitro: 4th Portion

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Rebecca Olmstead Walla Walla January 31, 2018

Daughters of Zion Thank you for your teaching. Could you tell me the significance of the term Daughters of Zion vs. Daughters of Judah?
Thank you! Reply

Binyomin Tzfat January 27, 2016

I love your shirum on Tanya and Chumash Thank you Reply

Jay alberta, canada February 4, 2015

Hi. Thank you for all that you say and do. I have 2 questions that have been on our families mind.1) Why did Moses send zipporah away. I thought he was married to her and they had 2 children together ? .Was he not obligated to provide for her and train his children... 2) was Yitro a bad fellow.. like a wolf in sheeps clothing.? why did he not stay with Moses? I heard somewhere along the line that he was crafty. Thank for taking the time to read this and offer your insight. sincerely jay Reply

Steve NJ January 30, 2018
in response to Jay:

Listen to yesterday’s Aliyah. Yitro was a Very high soul and (the first?) Baal Teshuvah. Moshe sent Zipporah and kids away Because he was going to Egypt to take the Jews out not to Bring more hostages to Pharaoh. Reply

Steve NJ January 31, 2018
in response to Steve:

Yitro & Zipporah Sorry, I mean the 1st Aliyah Reply

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