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Daily Classes With Rabbi Gordon

Study the daily Chumash with Rashi, Tanya and Rambam with master teacher Rabbi Yehoshua B. Gordon.

Rabbi Gordon - Beshalach: 7th Portion

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Mark The Netherlands January 12, 2014

Rod of Moshe Dear Rav,

First of all, thank you for the this wonderful class of yours. I enjoy it very much, day after day!!
My question is; Why did HaSheem tell Moshe to take his rod he used to struck the Nile?
If i dont mistake, Aharon struck the Nile instead Moshe, because the Nile protected Moshe when he was a baby.
How should i read this passage?

Kind regards,
Mark Reply

Yechiel ny January 10, 2014

Water Why couldn't the Jews who wanted water, just imagine that the Mon tasted like ice-cubes?
Such nudniks ! Reply