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Tanya: Chapter 24 - Part 1

Shevat 14

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Edie September 27, 2012

What's the source? Wherever you heard about the 200 angels, did they tell you where they got it? It's impossible to comment on something that may never have existed in Jewish texts, let alone left a trace on Jewish culture. Also what's the source of your other two quotes? Reply

Evelyne-Valerie D'Arnal Paris , France May 10, 2011

Angel Rebelled against Ha.Shem Was there not 200 angels that rebelled against G-d? Samyaza "Watchers" or "Nephilim" How does one explain this since only Humans have the free will to rebel against G-d? Unless of course this was orchestrated by Ha.Shem to test man? and Second Question is what is the difference between "The sons of G.d" and "The sons of man"? Are the sons of G.d Angels and the sons of man human beings? Reply

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