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Rabbi Gordon - Beshalach: 6th Portion

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Simcha Bart for Chabad.org February 9, 2017

Rabbi Chaim Yosef David Azulai (1724 – 1806) goes a step further. He says that if one wanted to taste pork in the Manna it would be permitted, as it wouldn't actually turn into pork - it is only the flavor that the Manna would mimic, and eating something that mimics the flavor of non-Kosher food is permitted, as evident in Chulin 109. Therefore the case you mention would be similar to someone eating a "fake" cheeseburger - either the patty is made out of out soy or the "cheese", which is permitted. Reply

y. ny February 6, 2017

Mon This is not meant to be a facetious question: Mon tasted like whatever you wanted it to taste - what if the 1st bite you wanted steak , then changed your mind and wanted cheese on the 2nd bite - must you have waited 6 hours? Reply

malcolm via chabadofthevalley.com January 22, 2016

mannor proves that hashem is a socialist.all jews got the same amount of manna Reply

Elisheva Jerusalem January 29, 2015

Parshat Haman and Parnasa I would be interested to know more about how we should apply the lessons from Parshat Haman to our lives. In particular I am talking about the effort to make parnasa and regarding savings and pension for the future. Should we really not have any savings for the future?

Also if a company owes me money, but I would have to sue in a secular court in Israel, should I assume that in any case Hashem will give me what I am supposed to have so there isn't really any point going through the big trouble and uncertainty of a court case? Reply

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