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Rabbi Gordon - Beshalach: 5th Portion

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Rabbi Yehoshua Gordon Encino California January 9, 2014

Fifth portion question You asked a very good question. Thank you for learning with me. There are probably many answers to this question.

There is the idea of a "test." That's the source of the word "Nisyaon." The Rebbe explains, like with exercise, resistance brings about health strength and growth. Reply

m pil san francisco January 9, 2014

5th portion question First off thank you for teaching, i listen to your tanya and chumash class every week day.

I have a question on this week parsha; you said in the class that the jewish people didn't eat for 2 days before they complained, my question is if we are to have that faith that g-d is taking care of us then why didn't g-d give us the food as soon as the matzah ran out?

When you create a business and you promise the people that you wil take care of them in every way and you see that the supply is down you dont wait for the peopl to complain you react right away or even hen the supply is almost down. Reply

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