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Tanya: Chapter 22 - Part 1

Shevat 9

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Andrew & Miriam Baxt Oceanside NY January 23, 2013

The existence of evil with respect to clipper... Hi Rabbi Gordon,
Last Shabbat I was studying the Tanya portion with my wife. I was under the impression that evil is simply the concealment of G-d. My wife is of the opinion that evil can be much more than that. It appears from your Tanya discussion on Shevat 9 that my wife is right. I have trouble understanding this whole concept of evil. What is your understanding about the Torah definition of evil?

Thanks Reply

Anonymous January 20, 2013

Bechirah vs. Hashgocha I am still trying to distinguish between bechirah and hashgocha, since if Hashem knows what we are going to ultimately do, how does bechirah come into play. Hashem created us with certain strengths and this ultimately also affects what we choose in life. Does Tanya go into this later or can you recommend some reading or video that goes into this. Reply

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