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Study the daily Chumash with Rashi, Tanya and Rambam with master teacher Rabbi Yehoshua B. Gordon.

Tanya: Chapter 20 - Part 1

Shevat 5

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Avi Jay Ilford January 16, 2013

Loving this. I am getting back into Tanya now thank you so much Rabbi!!

I am an alumnus of Mayanot Yeshiva and am currently in London and to be honest I have shvached a bit on the חת"ת cycle and am slowly getting back into it with your help. It is so well done and I can just tune in from the comfort of my computer.

The Tanya can often be scary to me as I know it is so true and it is so obligating!! Slowly but surely with your kind words and way of presenting I am getting back into it and hopefully it will not act as a poison chas veshalom but only as a tavlin.

Chayil el Chayil!! Reply

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