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Tanya: Chapter 19 - Part 1

Shevat 2

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Yehuda Shurpin for Chabad.org January 28, 2015

Re: Question The Tanya itself in ch. 18 writes that " ...Therefore even the most worthless of worthless and the transgressors of the Israelites, In THE MAJORITY of cases sacrifice their lives for the sanctity of G-d's Name and suffer harsh torture rather than deny the one G-d..." i.e. the Alter Rebbe himself acknowledges that there are a minority instances when this is not the case.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe explains (see Tanya with Mare Mekomos and Pirushim on ch. 18) that this can be explained based on what it says in the end of ch. 19 that they do this without any belief. Additionally, the Rebbe explains elsewhere that sometimes the darkness -or ignorance- is so great that they don't even realize that with this act they are actually separating themselves from G-d or that it is actually a forbidden belief. Reply

Hal Marcus Raleigh January 22, 2015

The Shabbath Rabbi, wanted to let you know I study with Rabbi Cotlar who was taught by your brother Rabbi Mendel. Am thoroughly enjoying your teachings. My question is how do I listen to your teaching on the Sabbath since I would have to use my computer--a no no? B'Shalom, Hal Reply

Anonymous Toronto January 13, 2013

Question What about that person that's asked to give up his life for kiddush hashem, say at gun point and doesn't have that "moment of truth" and denies his Judaism. There are those people out there that will convert over dying- what happened to their ahava mesuteres there? How come it didn't awaken? Reply

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