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Tanya: Chapter 16 - Part 2

Tevet 26

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Russell Kaleolani Shenn Atlanta January 8, 2013

Message needs to be simplified From the moment of birth the orientation is to that which is familar and that which is familiar is tangible. Tangible in the sense of knowledge of things and the basis for the knowledge of things is given by quality and quantity.

This is what knowledge is reducible to (ie. its lowest common denominator) and so what we hold on to in this world. However the Torah and the things that are Hashem are intangibles and have not clearly described quality and quantity but are seated in analog, metaphor, symbols, and interaction of subjects. In order to succeed fear and awe are actually obstacles to understanding as their basis
is in knowledge as well. To succeed fear and awe need to be replaced with wonderment - child like curiosity which knows no limits. This is the key. Reply

Pat USA September 10, 2012

t'vunah The kabbalistic issues with this word were interesting. We usually think of daughters as being weak and loving and needing protection, but kabbalah says they are strong. We usually think of sons as being tough and energetic but not necessarily loving, and kabbalah calls them loving. Among Jews females are in touch with their masculine side and that gives them strength, while males are in touch with their feminine side and that makes them loving. ??? Reply

Anonymous Paris, France May 3, 2011

Love & Fear of Ha-Shem What if we feel deep Love of Ha-Shem but not too much fear. How does one cultivate his fear of Ha-Shem. I am going through incredible personal pain now which I feel is from Ha-shem so my fear should have increased. However it is my desire to get closer that has increased instead. Reply

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