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Rabbi Gordon - Vayigash: 7th Portion

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Rivka Ozersky NYC, NY December 26, 2011

The Brothers transgression. Dear Rabbi Yehoshua Gordon,
Thank you so much for your super rendition of the Parsha with Rashi, and with your personal refreshing sprinkling humor"'tres-a-propos'".
But now I have a "shailah" (question)... When Joseph's family arrived in Egypt, and Pharaoh met Yaakov and the brothers and everyone else, it never occurred to Pharaoh and his ministers or magicians or any of the Egyptians to ask how did it happen that Joseph arrived in Egypt sold as a slave? Coming from such a "yechusdig" mishpachah" (prominent family)?
Doesn't any Torah commentator comment on it?
Is there any record of the righteous brothers, the Tribes of Israel, showing any remorse, regret, repentance, asking forgiveness or Teshuvah for having planned their brother's Joseph death and selling him to slavery? Reply

Anonymous December 12, 2010

R. Gordon Vayigash 7th Portion Question You said, that, 47:14 & Exodus 8:20, are the only two places that use the term, "Pharoh's house". Yet, for example, it appears in Vayigash 45:2 & 16. Can you please clarify that? Thank you very much (I am not that knowledgeable, I am trying to learn). Reply

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