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Tanya: Chapter 6 - Part 1

Tevet 2

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Anonymous NJ October 20, 2014

Rebbe of Kotzk, Is Rabbe, Kotzk the first to say...
Said when asked where G_d is, "G_d is everywhere you let him in!"

That G_d is only where we allow him to dwell... Reply

Anonymous Brooklyn, NY November 28, 2011

Thank you. Appreciate your answer. If I think about it, it's very deep. Your answer was quite gracious, too. Yasher koach. Reply

Rabbi Yehohsua B Gordon Encino, CA November 1, 2011

Tanya Lekutei Amarim You asked a very good (and difficult) question. I do NOT consider myself a Tanya expert, just a simple teacher. However, my thoughts:
1. There is an inherent difference between "Boreah" - Creator - and "Nivrah" - creation. G-d is the Creator. A Neshamah, lofty as it is, is a "creation" of G-d.
2. Chaya and Yechida do NOT enter the person, they hover above him. Yes, one can argue that these two levels are more "Boreh" than "Nivrah." Reply

Anonymous Brooklyn, NY October 24, 2011

Tanya Likutei Amarim If a Jew is a chelek elokah mimal mamash,
why does footnote (9), chapter 4, Likutei Amarim, say the soul remains separate from G-d, only through the garments does it attain true identity with G-d? And when the Alter Rebbe speaks of the soul, he doesn't mention the levels of chaya and yechida. Isn't the yechida totally one with G-d? Thank you. Reply

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