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Tanya: Chapter 4 - Part 3

Kislev 29

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Yehoshua A Place June 28, 2016

The Sun He never said anything about praying to the sun, (G-D forbid) or even understanding it, which is arguably possible. He was just using it as a metaphor for the untouchable-ness of G-D. Reply

Barbara Ellison December 21, 2014

The Sun? The Sun... Would we be here without the sun? Isn't there more to the sun than light and heat? Something that more than one culture around the world was aware of all the way back to biblical times? Something about the sun.. Eggyptians, Aztecs and others knew something about the sun..It is not impossible to look directly at the sun with eyes uncovered..It does take getting used to..and then it no longer hurts and one can see circles radiating out and downward into the eyes.. G-D made the sun...Prayer is not to the sun, but to our LORD G-D who created it... Reply

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