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Tanya: Chapter 4 - Part 1

Kislev 27

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Mordechai Wolff March 22, 2015

To the Anonymous Amen-Answerer from Brooklyn:
I also have the same issue when hearing the shiurim, though I remind myself not to answer Amen for the reason that the bracha is not actually being said right now, rather, when it was recorded. Therefore, answering Amen isn't correct, because of the fact that it then becomes what is known as an "Amen Yetoma" - an 'orphaned Amen', for it has no 'father or mother', or in other words, it was said when no bracha was actually made. Reply

Mordechai Seewald January 14, 2014

to 613 clearly when science is counting 1000+ organs they are simply just counting a orgen in many parts...meaning 1 full organ may be as of yet simply misunderstood as many seperate organs Reply

Anonymous Brooklyn, NY December 12, 2012

answering amen At the start of your daily lesson you make a Brocha on your drink, out of habit i answer amen, is it right or wrong. Reply

Anonymous April 15, 2011

613 What do the 248 organs and 365 blood vessels refer to? is it in actuality of the human body. or are there 248 organs that can be used for mitzvot? because a human could consist 1000 organs according to modern science. and also with 365 blood vessels. Reply

Carlos ss April 6, 2011

Fear to God why if you says that G-d is infinite and we should not be affraid of anything that is not him, how we can be afrraid something that is not him if him is All? Reply