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Tanya: Chapter 3 - Part 2

Kislev 26

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Barbara Ellison December 18, 2014

Extremely Helpful Class Today. Thank You. If we live in this world, to deny Animal aspect warps humans, I believe..We are meant, I think, to be whole within but not loners..At the same time, to give top billing to Animal aspect is equally destructive, one way or another..generally taking the form of promiscuity, overindulgence of foods or alcohol or material possessions, etc.
Once fusion has occurred between Holy and Animal within a human, that does not negate the Animal needs just as it does not negate the ongoing need and reach for higher Holiness. The ability to balance (literally) between Animal and Holy does take not only practice, but the hard work of learning to protect oneself from onslaught of impressions from the various events in this life that can certainly unhinge one who has never acquired the wherewithal to protect him or herself from that onslaught *in times of great distress*. Which means one can go the range from having temper tantrums to leaving this world (not dying) for other realms without preparation. Reply

Yossi Gordon Woodland Hills May 20, 2014

You explained this Perek very well. I was able to teach it to my Baal Haabos tonight perfectly because of your clear explanations.

Thank you'

Yossi Gordon (Your Son) Reply

Pat Greenbel, usa August 13, 2012

"animal soul" Thank you for starting out the way you did. I thought from other lectures that "animal" meant "beastly." Now I can see that he was using "animal" in the same way as English Regency novels where they use the term "animal spirits" to mean liveliness. Reply

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