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Tanya: Chapter 3 - Part 1

Kislev 25

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Barbara Ellison December 17, 2014

G-D is always first, whether a human recognizes that fact or not...But as humans, we also have to recognize that both the spark and its development are equal in importance for "production"..Otherwise, a "spark" alone, as of a *match*, will burn down or blow out and its intended "development" within the *log* won't happen, in which case the log will rot down to nothing but potential compost...I fear some humans still think that "father" is somehow more important than "mother", when, as in human reproduction, neither can "re-create" without the other....So...IMHO...Both are equal in importance... Reply

Anonymous tarzana, usa December 16, 2010

ahaha moments like these can work. tell them to get over it...i am sure they will understand, that God comes First, not man Reply

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